More than half a million skilled trade jobs are presently available in the U.S. economy. With an aging work force, the demand for skilled trade workers will only increase.

At Crown School of Trades and Technology, we are working to meet this demand. With many years of successful teaching and work experience, our highly qualified instructors offer thorough instruction and hands-on training in state-of- the-art classrooms and work environments.

We emphasize not only high quality vocational training, but also the development of spiritual maturity and personal integrity. Selected Bible courses included through Crown College of the Bible provide a biblical foundation that will guide students to live the life of integrity essential to honoring Christ through their work.

Our students enter the labor force uniquely trained and qualified, with an excellent work ethic, but also spiritually prepared to successfully live the Christian life and become honorable leaders in their home and community. At Crown School of Trades and Technology, we are connecting our work with God’s worldwide work.