HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Technology is a two-year degree program designed to prepare students to become entry-level technicians with the skills needed to install, maintain and troubleshoot today’s complex heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, including residential and light commercial. Students will receive comprehensive instruction from certified HVAC instructors with years of professional experience.

Crown HVAC is now a part of the National Coalition of Certification Centers, awarding students NC3 stackable credentials to enhance employment.

The program includes thorough classroom and hands-on training using modern techniques and industry standard tools for training in HVAC theory, diagnostics, and repair procedures. The program also emphasizes an understanding of environmental issues and indoor air quality standards that are associated with the HVAC industry. Students will graduate with EPA certifications and qualifications to meet the demands of a highly competitive workforce.

Selected Bible classes offered through Crown College of the Bible provide a biblical foundation that will guide students to lead the life of integrity that is essential to honoring Christ in their work.

Up to 50,000 jobs will be open over the next 10 years.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s job outlook for HVAC Mechanics and Installers:
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Program is approved by the:


First Semester (Year One)
BI 100Introduction to the Bible3
BU 141Office Computer Applications3
CM 121Personal Evangelism2
ED 321Human Growth and Development2
HVA 101Tools and Service Techniques3
HVA 102Basic Electricity3
HVA 2116HVAC Shop I3
Total: 20
Second Semester (Year One)
BI 200Introduction to Bible Doctrine3
CM 132Living the Christian Life2
HVA 201Fundamentals of Refrigeration4
HVA 216HVAC Shop II3
HVA 221Basic A/C3
HVA 190Internship I1
MA 122Intro to College Algebra3
Total: 19
First Semester (Year Two)
CM 442Marriage and Family2
EN 101Grammar and Comp. I3
HVA 230Air Properties3
HVA 330Heating Fundamentals3
HVA 340Automatic Controls3
HVA 290Internship II1
Total: 18
Second Semester (Year Two)
BU 273Principles of Management4
HVA 220Duct and Gas Piping Design3
HVA 416HVAC Shop IV3
HVA 410Heat Pumps3
HVA 460Commercial Refrigeration3
HVA 390Internship III1
OR 400Senior Forum1
SC 401Creation Science3
Total: 21